Each month the Southern Training Group meet to conduct a combined training scenario. The Group consists of Bundanoon RFB, Exeter RFB and Wingello RFB and is sometimes joined by Moss Vale RFB. On Wednesday 19/9/07 Wingello hosted the evening. The scenario involved the three brigades being away from their respective areas on an 'out of area' commitment. The task involved pumping water from a small creek up a steep slope for a distance of approximately 400 metres to eventually feed a buoy-wall that was being used in helicopter operations. The exercise required all tankers to operate in 'closed relay' and during the course of the event each tanker in turn had a pump failure requiring an alternative to be instigated. Further a fire over-run was initiated that affected all of the tankers. Below are some scenes of the event and apologies are extended for the poorer quality of the photos. The series of photos commences with the briefing held at the Wingello Station


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